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The main aim of estate planning is to ensure that your family and any other beneficiaries are financially provided for after your death. 

An individual’s estate is made up of the things that they own, including houses, land, cars and jewellery - as well as any retirement, investment or savings accounts they hold.

There are a number of ways to ensure your estate is distributed in line with your wishes after your death, but having the right estate plan in place will help ensure the right people benefit. You can potentially also reduce the amount paid in taxes and legal fees. 

At Navigate Wealth, we are experienced in providing clear and thorough guidance on estate planning that will help you secure your family’s financial future. 

To find out more about estate planning, or to arrange a free consultation, you can contact the Navigate Wealth team on 0345 340 9690 or use our submission form.

Common objectives

For many people, the key goal of estate planning is ensuring a person’s family is looked after following their death, but some of the most common estate planning goals are: 

  • Distributing the estate among beneficiaries (including family and nominated charities)
  • Paying the least amount of taxes on the estate
  • Assigning guardians for any minor children 

The scope of estate planning can be broadened much further to include additional objectives, such as the below, dependent on your personal circumstances and priorities: 

  • Include life insurance to provide for your family following your death 
  • Name inheritance managers for any minor or financially irresponsible beneficiaries
  • Instructions for the transfer of your business at retirement, upon becoming disabled or after your death 

Our services 

We specialise in providing the following estate planning services: 

Our approach 

The experienced team at Navigate Wealth will help you decipher your estate planning options to ensure your wishes are met after your death. 

From the first point of contact, we are committed to understanding your needs so that we can recommend the most suitable approach for your personal circumstances. 

Your dedicated financial adviser will then use this information, as well as their knowledge of your financial goals, to recommend the best estate plan for you. 

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