Richard Bamforth heads up the team at Navigate Wealth and has extensive experience in providing expert financial advice regarding pension, investment and protection products. 

Here, Richard explains the approach Navigate Wealth takes with every client. 

“Effective retirement planning involves making a number of big decisions that will impact you and your family throughout the rest of your life, and after you die. As of this, at Navigate Wealth, we take a very thorough approach to understanding your individual needs from the first point of contact. At this stage, we also fully explain our fees and any charges that may apply throughout the process, in order to be as transparent as possible. 

From the outset, each of our clients is assigned a dedicated financial planner, however they also have access to a wider support team who can provide updates, in laymans terms, on the progress of plans. 

We will take the time to understand where your existing and previous pensions are held, as well as what you hope to get out of your pension in the long-term. From here, we can advise on what age you will be able to comfortably retire at and what level of income you should take to achieve your financial objectives, while also enjoying your retirement.  

Many clients who seek pensions advice are not aware of the scale of the process and how their retirement plans can impact other aspects of their finances. But Navigate Wealth’s approach, which combines thorough understanding and clear communication, enables us to offer digestible advice that gives clients confidence in reaching their long term financial goals and peace of mind that they can enjoy the retirement they have dreamt of.” 

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